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              Wangping Travel


              We promise to take you to sights that take your breath away and surroundings that make you want to stay forever. Holidays should leave memories that linger for all the right reasons.

              Since 2000, we’ve been travelling the UK with a sense of adventure and today our expertise and knowledge span an amazing 10 European countries. From the blissful Highland in Scotland to epic adventures in Europe, our trusted travel experts offer exceptional service and can tailor-make an authentic holiday that’s right for you.

              We have our UK office located in Edinburgh, and several branch offices around China. Each year, we introduce and serve thousands of Chinese tourists and young Chinese students to undertake study tours in the UK, market and localize high quality British educational programmes in China. Our friendly Personal Travel Experts will go the extra mile to ensure every holiday you book with us is unforgettable.

              We take the time to listen to your ideas and travel dreams, providing our honest and personal recommendations and sharing our first-hand experiences.

              We put customer service at the heart of everything we do. Our friendly, expert team will ensure every holiday you book with us is special. We’re committed to excellent service and have been around the Europe to hand-pick the best hotels for your money – from great value 3* hotels to 5* resorts with the wow factor. We can tailor make your holiday to be as individual as you are. Just ask.

              Our experts are ready to craft your perfect holiday and bring it to life, adding authentic experiences that will linger in your memory. We will look after you every step of the way. Your holiday is safe in our hands. Booking a holiday with us is a special, exciting experience.

              Contact us:
              Tel:+44(0) 1314451176
              Mobile: 07914339979
              head office: 258 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, UK, EH11 2JQ 
              Branch office: Distillery House, North Road, Fort William, UK, PH33 6LR

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